Bizet - Carmen - Habanera

Bizet - Carmen - Habanera

Habanera sung by the character Carmen.

'Carmen is an opera composed by Georges Bizet. It was his last work to be completed as he experienced 2 heart attacks shortly. Carmen premiered on 3rd of March, 1875, however it did not do very well when it first premiered and it was not until after Bizet's death that it experienced greater success. The opera is set in Seville, Spain during the mid 19th century. 

Characters Edit

Name Voice Description
Carmen Mezzo-Soprano Gypsy, main character
Don Jose Tenor Soldier, main character
Micaela Soprano Loves Don Jose, fiancè of Don Jose
Dancairo Baritone Smuggler
Remendado Tenor


Escamillo Bass-Baritone Bullfighter 
Zuniga Bass Officer
Morales Baritone Micaela Loves Find
Fasquita Soprano Female friend of Carmen
Mercedes Mezzo-Soprano Female friend of Carmen

f the story. Don Jose starts out at the beginning as a upright and outstanding soldier and noble with a fiancèe and strong sense of right and wrong, but when Carmen comes into the picture all of this is thrown out the window as he falls in love with her and disobeys his commanding officers. He eventually ends up losing everything he started with at the beginning and is forced to become a wandering gypsy with Carmen.

Act 1Edit

Act 2Edit


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