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Under new management[edit | edit source]

So as the story goes, there was a lover of Wiki's, and a lover of opera. One day, to no surprise, the thought of an opera wiki came into his head. But when he looked on his beloved Wikia.com, there was but a barren wasteland, yearning for content.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands! And bring the Opera Wiki to life! I have recently adopted this wiki, and intend to fill it with as much opera knowledge as possible.

New Contributions[edit | edit source]

We urge and want any opera fans to insert as much content as possible, so that one day, this Wiki can be the go-to place for all opera fans looking for information. We want singers, composers, librettists, librettos, operas, famous opera halls, opera CHARACTERS! Yes, you heard it right, we want pages on all of the characters from every opera out there. Big and small, we want it here! From the legendary Luciano Pavarotti, to the yet unknown singers who have just begun their journey.

So if you love opera, and know anything about it, we welcome all contributions!

Rules[edit | edit source]

We do have some rules to make things run smoothly and allow everyone to have a chance to contribute in a productive way.

  1. No cursing, swearing, or spamming (repeating things for no purpose, ex: mom mom mom mom mom mom mom).  
  2. No vandalism or purposeful destruction of pages, pictures, etc. 
  3. No bullying of any sort. This includes stalking, hacking, or threats. Please remember we are here to learn and express our love for opera.  
Last but not least: Have fun and enjoy the amazing world of opera!

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