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The Figaro trilogy is a series of French plays by Pierre Beaumarchais that were turned into operas; specifically opere buffe. They are generally based around the character called "Figaro".

The Barber of Seville[]

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The barber of Seville, or Le Barbier de Séville, is the first in the trilogy.

There were several operatic versions made, the most famous of which were composed by Giovanni Paisiello and Gioachino Rossini.

The Marriage of Figaro[]

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The Marriage of Figaro, or Le Mariage de Figaro is the second in the series.

An operatic version called "Le Nozze Di Figaro" was composed by Mozart with a libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte.

The Guilty Mother[]

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The Guilty Mother, or La Mère coupable, was the third and final play in the series. The Guilty Mother is much less well known or performed by it's predecessors, including the play and the operas.

There were two operatic versions. Darius Milhaud's La mère coupable was the first, in 1966, and Inger Wikström has made an adaptation called Den Brottsliga Modern. John Corgliano and William Hoffman also adapted parts of this play into the 1991 opera The Ghosts of Versailles